Make a big impact for Cambodian children with The Big Give!

After 55 weeks of school closures in Cambodia, children have returned to the classroom! 

Prior to the pandemic there was what was described as a ‘learning crisis’ with only half of Cambodian children in grades 1 and 2 able to read a single word. Now, after nearly 2 years of  children missing out on education (far more than that of other countries in the region or the UK) and schools reopening, we arrive at a critical crossroad. We need to ensure there is value in children returning to the classroom. Ensuring children can read and write is central to this.

Grade 2 students engaged in a Khmer read aloud

In 2017, SeeBeyondBorders developed a project to address the very low literacy rates in Cambodia. Our project improves the professional knowledge, practice and engagement of teachers teaching literacy. It incorporates reading, writing, listening and speaking. Teaching techniques used in other phonologically based languages have been introduced and adapted to suit the unique Khmer context. The approach taken has the potential to revolutionise Khmer literacy teaching and deliver improved learning outcomes for children. Children are better able to match letters to their appropriate sounds, enabling them to read and improve their chances of reaching secondary school.

As schools reopen our literacy project will benefit 771 Cambodian children. We need your support to ensure this project can thrive.  The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021 presents a unique opportunity for supporters in the UK to have your donation matched! For just one week, every pound you donate will be doubled by our match funders, doubling the impact for Cambodian children.

Cambodian children learning to recognise letter names and sounds

“Please help change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children this holiday season. Donate through the Big Give from 30th November until 7th December and your donation will be doubled – it’s a fantastic opportunity to make double the difference.” Sarah Reynolds, UK Country Manager.

How can you help?

  1. Share our Big Give Christmas Challenge campaign page on social media.
  2. Support SeeBeyondBorders’ through your business, local school or organisation.

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