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Together, we will deliver sustainable change
Partner with SeeBeyondBorders and broaden opportunities for a whole generation of children.

Over the past ten years SeeBeyondBorders has worked with a handful of donors who recognise that change begins with education. Cambodia is facing a ‘learning crisis’ – children are not learning in schools, despite 97% primary enrolment (UNESCO, 2018). Less than 3% of 15 year olds achieve minimum proficiency in Maths/Literacy (PISA-D, 2018). When children do not learn in school, they drop out. Good teaching enables children to learn, reduces the number of children dropping out and opens up future opportunities for Cambodian children.

Just one supported teacher receiving regular training and mentoring can improve learning for 50 children each year, and up to 500 children over 10 years, enabling us and our partners to make long-term impact.

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Effective Programs:
Our programs are award-winning: we are the only NGO in Cambodia to win the UNESCO-Hamdan Prize for improving teaching effectiveness; we received a Wenhui Award Commendation for innovations in teacher training; the Cambodian Minister of Education awarded us a Development Medal for our sustained efforts to improve education quality. Click here for more information.

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Measurable Impact:
By assessing children’s learning at the end of each academic year, we provide demonstrable impact. We regularly review our programs and consider their effect on local communities and the government. Our results do not always trend upwards, but we share our challenges with you and work through them together. Click here for more information.

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Sustainable Approach:
Our work aims to empower others to bring about meaningful and sustainable change in Cambodia. Your funds will support us to develop the skills and capacity of the Ministry of Education, ensuring the Ministry can deliver effective reform policies. Click here for more information.

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Track Record:
Since 2009 our funding partnerships have helped us upskill over 500 teachers and improve learning outcomes. Our programs have impacted over 25,000 children in Cambodia. Independent evidence demonstrates that pass rates for children in Maths improve by an average of 35% points. Click here for more information.

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Working in a developing country like Cambodia throws up multiple challenges and we strive to be adaptable and flexible. We learn from our mistakes and share our solutions. Our transparency reports are publically available and we commit to telling you both sides of the story. Click here for more information.

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Good Governance:
We are used to passing rigorous due diligence processes with many of our funding partners. If you choose to invest in us, you can be confident that you are contributing to a charity with good governance, a transparent structure and up-to-date policies and procedures. As a charity working with children, safeguarding is a central priority for us. Click here for more information.

Thank you to all of our partners for recognising our shared values and supporting our education programs.

To help improve learning and life prospects for children in Cambodia, and witness first-hand the transformative impact you can have, please get in touch.

Sarah Reynolds, UK Country Manager, +44 (0) 7779 020334, [email protected]

Andy Wade, General Manager (Australia), +61 (0) 433 595911, [email protected] 

Colm Byrne, Director of Development, +855 (0) 16 995 063, [email protected]

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