Educational Changemaker Graduate Program

Creating opportunity for Cambodian women to become Changemakers in the education sector in Cambodia

At SeeBeyondBorders we believe that great leaders motivate, inspire and enact change. The Educational Changemaker Graduate Program will engage passionate Cambodians with an undergraduate degree, leadership potential and a conviction to create positive change in education in Cambodia.

Based in Battambang province, SeeBeyondBorders’ Educational Changemaker Graduate Program is a two-year program that will enable Cambodian women to develop a toolkit to become future Changemakers and pursue their dreams of making a difference in education within a supportive community that recognises the courage and intrinsic value of women in leadership.

SeeBeyondBorders want more Cambodian women to be part of the change in education

We want women to be part of the change in education through action. SeeBeyondBorders believes investing in women’s leadership is a benefit to society. Our Educational Changemaker Graduate Program aims to reduce the barriers to women becoming leaders in the education sector in Cambodia.

About SeeBeyondBorders' Educational Changemaker Graduate Program

The Educational Changemaker Graduate Program consists of four key aspects, all essential for building the skills and knowledge to ensure Changemakers (successful applicants to the program) are sought after for leadership positions when they have completed the program.

Our Changemakers

“I decided to join the changemaker program because I believe that education represents power and it is key to bringing light into my life. I want to change education for the better and to develop my personal leadership skills. I will do my best to improve education in my community.” Kang Sombor

“I decided to apply for the Educational Changemakers Graduate Program because I want to develop myself with teaching skills, leadership skills, and improve my critical thinking. I am committed to the best quality education for Cambodian children to empower the next generation in my community.“ Loeuy Sreyrov

“I decided to join the Educational Changemakers Graduate Program because I would like to learn and experience more in the education field, and to develop my leadership skills. I believe that education is the best way to get people out of poverty and to give a brighter future for the children in Cambodia.” Sin Dyna

“This program means I have a chance to learn skills that are relevant to the education field. I believe education is vital to the development of our communities and I want to transform Cambodia’s future generations with better critical thinking skills, and to positively impact the fate of our nation.” Im Hen

“I wanted to gain new experience by joining the Educational Changemakers Graduate Program. I believe this program will give me the opportunity to learn from teachers, work as part of a team, and help children in the community. I want to build my leadership skills, to grow and ultimately to be successful.” Dy Lida

SeeBeyondBorders Educational Changemaker Program is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). The funding we receive from ANCP is instrumental in our work to develop educational changemakers and transform education in Cambodia.

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