Meet the people who work for us and bring about lasting change.

Leadership Team, Cambodia


Colm Byrne
CEO International Operations 
Colm has been living in Cambodia for over nine years and is a qualified teacher in Ireland. He joined SeeBeyondBorders in July 2017 and since July 2022 Colm has led SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia as CEO International Operations.

Pheung Pov
Managing Director

With over 15 years in Education, Pov joined SeeBeyondBorders in 2013. He became Country Manager in 2017 and recently was appointed as Managing Director, after returning from completing his Master of Education at Mary Immaculate College in Ireland.

Lok Taing Im
General Manager Shared Services
As General Manager Shared Services, Taing Im oversees Human Resources, Engagement, IT and Compliance. She is also responsible for Child Protection and Safeguarding at SeeBeyondBorders.

Blung Phath
General Manager Programs 
Joining SeeBeyondBorders in 2013, Phath is now General Manager of Programs. Prior to assuming this position, he has been Country Manager, Operations Manager and Project Manager for Angkor Thom.


Lula Belinfante
Possibilities Lead

Lula has been fundraising for NGOs in Cambodia since 2018. She joined SeeBeyondBorders in early 2021, as the General Manager of Fundraising.

Phan Sophen
Education Specialist

 Sophen has worked in the Cambodian educational sector since 2004. Joining SeeBeyondBorders in 2011, he is now the Education Specialist, leading the development of digital resources and teacher training.

Phan SreyPhet
Provincial Manager

Sreyphet joined SeeBeyondBorders in February 2021 with over 10 years experience in Education. She facilitates the changemakers project as well as implementing and monitoring the PIKT research collaboration.

Lon Borey
Project Manager – Educational Technology
Lon Borey joined SeeBeyondBorders in February 2022 in Battambang as the Project Manager for Educational Technology. He has 12 years of experience working for NGOs in Cambodia.

Nel Ratana
IT and Facilities Manager

Ratana is from the north of Cambodia, he pursued his bachelor degree of Information Teachnology in 2009 in Siem Reap Province. Ratana has started with SBBC on May 2018 as the IT and Digital Content Manager and has been IT and Facilities Manager since July 2023.

Khlang Kim Ann
Program and Executive Support Officer
Kim Ann started with SeeBeyondBorders in November 2023 as a Program and Executive Support Officer after working with PEPY Empowering Youth for 7 years. She will provide high level executive support to assist the Managing Director and implemention of program design.

Kian Marrian
Compliance and Communications Mentor

Prior to joining SeeBeyondBorders in August 2022, Kian has worked in Education in Cambodia since 2018. He is now working to mentor the Communications and Compliance teams.

Kang Sambor
Teaching Development Coordinator
Sambor brings almost 10 years experience in the education sector to SeeBeyondBorders. She is currently a Teaching Development Officer focusing on facilitating workshops for continuous professional development.

Bunn Limon
Engagement Coordinator

Limon joined SeeBeyondBorders in October 2020 and is based in Battambang. She is responsible for planning and producing quality internal and external communications.

Derek Culligan
Chief Financial Officer / General Manager HR

Derek has been living in Cambodia since 2016. He has joined SeeBeyondBorders in October 2019 and is now Chief Financial Officer working with both national and international staff and tax and labour regulations.

Hoeu Chantoeu
Finance Manager

Chantoeu joined SeeBeyondBorders as an intern in August 2018. She then became our Finance and Admin Officer for 4 years before becoming the Finance Manager now based in Siem Reap.

Rin Makara
HR Manager

Makara joined SeeBeyondBorders in August 2019. She responsible for all aspects of HR Procedures and their implementation in Cambodia, working with both Cambodian and international staff.

Khann Phearith
Engagement Manager

Phearith joined SeeBeyondBorders as an intern in May 2018. He is now the Engagement Manager, overseeing the production and quality assurance of all SeeBeyondBorders communications. 

Surt Phenhchet
Engagement Officer

Phenhchet joined SeeBeyondBorders in August 2022. He works with Engagement team throughout all stages of the creative process and provides intermittent support in international engagement and project-based activities.

Rom Phat
Finance and Admin​ Assistant
Sreyphat joined SeeBeyondBorders in October 2022. She is based in our Siem Reap Office and has extensive experience working in both Finance and Administration for private companies.

Long Kimhun
Finance and Admin Officer

Kimhun joined SeeBeyondBorders in January 2021. She supports Finance and Administration work based in Battambang.

Nat Phanhasak
Educational IT Support Officer

With a dual degree of English and Information Technology, Panhasak joined SeeBeyondBorders as the Educational IT Support Officer in Battambang in January 2022. He assists in Digital Resources development and technological support for teachers.

Ron Roeun 
Senior Fundraising Officer
Roeun joined SeeBeyondBorders in June 2023 as a Senior Fundraising Officer, supporting international and national fundraising functions between Cambodia, Ireland, the UK and Australia.

Loeuy Sreyrov
Teaching Development Officer
Sreyrov joined SeeBeyondBorders as a Changemaker- graduating in January 2023 after completing the two year program. She is now a Teaching Development Officer for the Transform Education project based at Kralanh District.

Dy Lida
Teaching Development Officer-Educational Changemaker
Lida joined SeeBeyondBorders as a Changemaker- graduating in January 2023 after completing the two year program. She is now a Teaching Development Officer for the Changemaker project, based in our Battambang office.

Chea Virak
Districts Manager
Virak has extensive experience, working both with organisations in Cambodia and in education. He joined us in November 2023 as the Districts Manager based in Srei Snam.

Bunn Ly Mey
Engagement Support and Translator
Ly Mey is a student of Global Studies at Thammasat University. She joined in June 2023 and is now an Engagement Support and Translator, working to enhance and improve engagement input and translation of documents.

Ou Ten
Teaching Development Officer
With over four years of experience in education in Siem Reap, Ten has completed a Bachelor Degree in TESOL from Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Ten started in November 2023 as a Teaching Development Officer in Srei Snam District, Siem Reap Province.

Loeuy Reak
Reak joined SeeBeyondBorders in July 2022 as the office cleaner for our Siem Reap office.

Lok Rachany
Rachany joined SeeBeyondBorders in April 2023 as the office cleaner for our Battambang office.

Yeng Chan Sa
Chan Sa joined SeeBeyondBorders in March 2024 as the office cleaner for our Srei Snam office.

Chan Sy
Sy joined SeeBeyondBorders in March 2024 as the office cleaner for our Kralanh office.


Sally Miles
Chief Executive SeeBeyondBorders Australia
With a background in fundraising, communications and strategic partnerships for NGOs, Sally leads the SeeBeyondBorders Australian team. She has a Master of Social Change and Development, and a love of Cambodia having worked as a tour guide in the region twenty years ago.

Zoe Scamps
Australian Corporate Partnerships Manager
Joining SeeBeyondBorders in early 2019 as the office manager, Zoe is now the Australian Corporate Partnerships Manager.

Louise Foodey
Finance Manager

A chartered accountant since 1989, Louise joined SeeBeyondBorders in April 2015 as Finance Manager.

Fiona Yates
Finance Officer

Fiona is a Sydney based chartered accountant who has been volunteering with SeeBeyondBorders since 2011. Fiona previously worked in the not-for-profit sector in England.

Alan Smith
Corporate Partnerships Australia 

Alan joined SeeBeyondBorders in 2012 and works in developing our Corporate Partnerships. With a background in marketing Alan started the Direct Response Company in Australia in 1985.

We are also fortunate to be supported by additional superbly skilled volunteer staff in Australia. These volunteers provide expertise in areas such as IT, digital marketing and event planning.


Linda Horgan
CEO SeeBeyondBorders UK

An educator by background, Linda has significant experience in development and leads SeeBeyondBorders UK from Oxfordshire.


Olive Cummins
CEO SeeBeyondBorders Ireland

Olive has an extensive background in business management and strategic planning and joined SeeBeyondBorders in 2022 to lead SeeBeyondBorders Ireland.

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