Structure and Governance

Our Board of Directors in Australia ensures proper governance and guidance

SeeBeyondBorders Australia and SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia are organised and managed as a single entity. 

SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia is a branch of the Australian entity. It implements the programs to achieve the charitable objectives of the organisation. Operations in both countries are complementary and adhere to shared vision, mission, values and policies under one management structure. We work cooperatively to achieve the same objective; to improve the quality of learning for children in early grades education in Cambodia.

Read about our SeeBeyondBorders Australia Board of Directors below.

Volunteer Board of Directors SeeBeyondBorders Australia

Penny EverittChair
A former Country Manager with SeeBeyondBorders, Penny now lives and works in Australia and chairs the Australian Board.

Priscilla Chang 
Priscilla is a primary school teacher with more than 25 years of experience. She has been to Cambodia several times to see the impact of our work.

John C. Friend-Pereira 
John worked as an Education Specialist with UNICEF Cambodia and was a policy advisor to
the Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association.

Lou Foodey 
Lou is a UK qualified chartered accountant who has been involved with SeeBeyondBorders since 2014 and has served as CFO of SeeBeyondBorders.

Rosemary Hotten 
Rosemary has more than 20 years’ senior experience in strategy, human-centred design and research across not-for-profit, public and commercial sectors.

Owain Hughes 
Owain is a chartered accountant in both the UK and Australia. He has spent the last 15 years working in the non-profit sector in the UK, South-East Asia and Africa.

More Information

Learn more by reading SeeBeyondBorders Australia Constitution, or our key policies

SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia

Memorandum of Understanding between SeeBeyondBorders and the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

SeeBeyondBorders UK and SeeBeyondBorders Ireland

SeeBeyondBorders UK was established in 2012. SeeBeyondBorders Ireland was established in 2020. Each entity has its own board, local registrations, annual report and regulatory compliance requirements. SeeBeyondBorders UK and SeeBeyondBorders Ireland help provide funds to support the work of SeeBeyondBorders in Cambodia.

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