Partner with SeeBeyondBorders

We’re keen to build partnerships with companies and organisations. We provide unique team building opportunities, and help you promote your values and achieve your CSR objectives.

Reasons to Get Benefits

We are keen to form genuine strategic relationships with organisations or corporates interested in a medium-long term partnership to support SeeBeyondBorders’ programs while at the same time building staff capability and developing corporate social responsibility. We will ensure you know exactly where your support is going, clearly reporting our results and impact on a regular basis.

Deliver Hands-on Support

Recruit a team of employees to provide hands-on support to our programs in Cambodia

Unique Team Building Program

Engage in a unique team building program in Cambodia

Visit Cambodia

Incorporate an immersive visit to Cambodia, that delivers real business results and benefits for individuals

Contribute to Global Goals

Our work promotes progress towards SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals). As a strategic partner, you will be in a unique position to promote the work you are doing with us to help achieve these goals.

Share Skills and Knowledge

A partnership could allow employees to share their skills with our team in Cambodia. Coaching would be beneficial in a variety of different areas from governance and communications to data analysis and IT development.

Visit Cambodia

We can offer an insight into the complexities and challenges we face whilst working in Cambodia. This will encourage employees to approach challenges with an open mind and a renewed sense of purpose.

How can you help?

Provide a Grant

To support and help us expand our programs

Sponsor a Project

Securing longer term funding helps us to plan ahead

payroll giving

Encourage your staff to contribute through payroll giving or fundraising

Examples of Corporations That are Making A Difference

Tribeca’s investment in SeeBeyondBorders is making our work in Siem Reap possible. Together SeeBeyondBorders and Tribeca are creating a lasting change for 3,700 Cambodian children in two districts of SIem Reap.

SHAPE has been a leading supporter of our work in Cambodia for over five years. Each year it sends members of its fantastic staff to Battambang to help with school building projects and to learn about the impact which their investment is making.

We welcome enquiries from organisations and corporations with an interest in making a difference to the lives of Cambodian children through education, and looking for a partner committed to a sustainable approach to development. Contact us today

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