SeeBeyondBorders Program Review-United together

Early in December, twenty staff members from SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia  and  five Changemakers gathered in Battambang for the annual program review led by Operations Manager, Blung Phath. CEO, Edward Shuttleworth, joined online to welcome everyone and thank staff for their hard work and achievements.

“Today is a great day. All the team have come together to review the results of our programs from the last year. We will use this time to reflect on the challenges we experienced, lessons learned and work together to propose solutions for the year to come.“ Operations Manager, Blung Phath, said after the opening session.

Cambodia based staff and changemakers at the program review in Battambang.

Over four days, each project manager presented an overview of their project and progress made as well as highlighting goals for the coming year. Small groups were formed to discuss the challenges faced by each project with ideas shared on potential solutions.

SeeBeyondBorders’ staff discuss the challenges and potential solutions for each project.
Educational Changemaker Project Manager delivers a presentation about the project.

Training was held on Child Protection and Safeguarding to ensure that all staff are fully aware of the correct procedures. In addition, the Financial Controller provided training on financial wrongdoing to make staff aware of using funds effectively to achieve our mission, to maintain trust, and to prevent it from happening as well as remind staff that it is their duties to report. 

This year we have begun implementing  two new projects including the Educational Technology project and Educational Changemaker Graduate program. The Educational Changemaker Graduate program aims to engage passionate Cambodian females with an undergraduate degree to help reduce barriers of becoming leaders in the education sector. The Educational Changemakers have grown their critical thinking skills through participating in program training over the last year, and developed their leadership skills through various activities such as inspiring Women in Leadership Talks. They also had the opportunity to contribute towards the development of digital resources for the Educational Technology project. Furthermore, the Changemakers have improved their presentation skills by giving a number of different presentations to Literacy teachers, District Office of Education staff, and Master mentors and staff. 

“Our dynamic crew came together and shared lessons learned and ways forward in the recovery context. I was so delighted to hear our shared thirst for positive change in education and strong commitments to strengthening our internal capabilities so that we can make our dreams of change come true. “ Phueng Pov, our Country Manager. 

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