Quality Education

SeeBeyondBorders is an award-winning education NGO operating in Cambodia. We focus on improving education for children by training teachers and creating systemic change.

How We Impact

It takes a school community to educate a child. True change begins with education and true educational change can only be created by people. 
We operate at a grassroots level and elevate this work to create national impact with the Cambodian Ministry.

Engage With Us

Getting involved in SeeBeyondBorders is a rewarding experience. Become a Changemaker.

Our Reach

We have worked with 523 Teachers in Cambodia in Grades 1 to 3
The Quality Teaching Program has operated in public schools in Battambang and Siem Reap Provinces
Our work has benefited 27,000 children in early grade primary school
Influencing Government to effectively reform education.

SeeBeyondBorders – 10 Years Strong

Student test scores have increased by an average of 45 percentage points in Angkor Thom (Siem Reap).
Enrollment soars by 60% in Battambang school after year one of literacy program.
Cambodian Minister of Education presents CEO with Development Medal in recognition of the sustained role SeeBeyondBorders has played in improving standards.
UNESCO Award Winning Quality Teaching Program

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5 days 15 hours ago

Two of our staff members have received their first vaccine dose. Sreyphet (Educational Changemaker Manager) was the first staff member

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Two of our staff members based in Battambang have received their first vaccine dose. Sreyphet (Educational Changemaker Manager) and Mel (Quality Education Manager) got an injection on Saturday. They will return later this month to receive their second dose of the Sinovac vaccine.