SeeBeyondBorders is featured on Social Justice Ireland’s Podcast.

Listen to CEO Edward Shuttleworth’s discussion with Eamon Murphy (Economic and Social Analyst at Social Justice Ireland). The podcast can be found on podbean and apple podcasts. You can find the running order for the podcast below. Thank you to Social Justice Ireland for providing our organisation with this platform!
Running Order
0:00 – 1:31 Introduction (Mission of SeeBeyondBorders, Barriers for organisations in Global South)
1:31 – 6:00 History of SeeBeyondBorders (Founders of SeeBeyondBorders in Cambodia, making meaningful contribution to Cambodia, putting the quality in education)
6:01 – 9:48 The Power of Education (how education reflects society, education for social mobility)
9:49 – 18:07 Impacts of COVID-19 on Cambodia and the Global South (Child Labour, Social Safety Nets, Debt Ratio)
18:08 -19:18 Social Justice Ireland’s stance on Overseas Development
19:19 – 25:01 Aid and Trends in Development (Irish Aid, DfID, ANCP support, Global Partnership for Education, Bilateral Aid)
25:02 – 31:27 Importance of Research (Khmer history and its implications for present day schooling, Khmer literacy, changing teacher methodologies, research as a catalyst to breaking down intransigence)
31:28 – 36:19 SeeBeyondBorders in Ireland (Cambodian Ministry Visit to Ireland, Cambodia Ireland Changemaker Network, Learning not Fixing for Development, Seeing Quality in Action, Meeting Irish Aid in Dublin, Research in Ireland, Expertise and Funds)
34:54 – 36:20 Closure (Message from Eamon, SJI in Cambodia)

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