Roy Ryna, Holds Women in Leadership Talk for Educational Changemakers

Last week, we were delighted to have Roy Ryna, one of the few female primary school principals in Cambodia, share knowledge and experience in the Women in Leadership Talk for Changemakers. Ryna discussed her journey to becoming a principal, the challenges she had to overcome and offered words of encouragement and inspiration to motivate our Educational Changemakers to pursue their own goals.

In addition to Ryna’s full time role as a Principal, she is also a Master Mentor for our Embedding Mentoring Project, taking time to assist and develop our mentors and other teachers and principals in Ek Phnom District through ongoing training and mentoring sessions.

Our Educational Changemaker Graduate Program aims to reduce the barriers to women becoming leaders in the education sector in Cambodia. Changemakers are able to learn so much about managing schools and staff, how to encourage teachers, and necessary skills such as building connections, being open-minded, and being willing to try new things to create change.

After the session, our changemakers commented on how impressed they were with the talk and what Ryna has been able to achieve. They all agreed that they have gained a clearer understanding of techniques for motivating others, how to set clear personal and professional goals and the importance of forming connections and bonds with others.

Commenting on her own journey Ryna remarked
“When I was on maternity leave, I got promoted to principal, and I am not hesitant to grab this opportunity! I encourage all women to consistently build themselves, and don’t say no to any opportunities that will make them grow!”

This talk was just one of a series of talks and presentations offered as part of the Educational Changemaker Program. Once per month a talk is hosted with a female role model in Cambodia- who share a common goal of enacting change and bettering society through education.

Our Educational Changemaker Program is supported by Allen and Overy in the UK and further by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). The funding we receive from these organisations, allows us to continue to develop this program and provide these events each month.

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