Brid with teacher

Bríd Hennessy and Tom Costello spent the month of May volunteering with SeeBeyondBorders in Cambodia. Bríd is a retired primary school teacher while Tom is on the board of SeeBeyondBorders Ireland which aims to build an Irish footprint in support of Cambodian education.

Learn about Bríd and Tom’s experience in the video below.

“I get more than I give. I love the organisation. SeeBeyondBorders is genuinely trying to improve the quality. This is the most exciting thing. People are not interested in superficial results but real results for children.”  Tom Costello
“Having skilled volunteers like Bríd and Tom is really useful for us in Cambodia. Bríd has a very comprehensive knowledge and skill in teaching. Tom is capable in management.” Pov Country Manager
“We all want children to achieve. The only way SeeBeyondBorders can exist is to provide money to provide for the training of teachers. If you could help please do. It makes such a huge difference.”  Bríd Hennessy
“Bríd and Tom are fantastic volunteers. What makes them fantastic is their ability to learn as well as give. Our work here in Cambodia is reliant on generating donations in Ireland. Please give us an uplift and invest in our work today.’’
Colm Byrne CEO SeeBeyondBorders International

If you feel impacted by their story please consider making a donation to SeeBeyondBorders Ireland Summer Campaign to support the work SeeBeyondBorders is doing on the ground in Cambodia. It will make a difference.

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