Our Story

SeeBeyondBorders was first registered as a charity in 2009 by Edward Shuttleworth, CEO, and his wife Kate, a Director of SeeBeyondBorders Australia and the Teach the Teacher program coordinator. read more about Our Story

Strengthening Cambodia’s education system: our work in context

Why an investment in teaching quality can provide a route out of poverty for Cambodia's next generation. read more about Strengthening Cambodia’s education system: our work in context

SeeBeyondBorders awarded UNESCO prize

SeeBeyondBorders awarded prestigious UNESCO-Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers, in recognition of its core Teach the Teacher program. read more about SeeBeyondBorders awarded UNESCO prize

Bringing new meaning to Maths concepts

Our senior mentor have been delivering multiplication and division workshops to bring a deeper understanding of these concepts to teachers in Ek Phnom district. read more about Bringing new meaning to Maths concepts

Support SeeBeyondBorders at the Mini-Mos Community Fun Run and Fair

Mini-Mos is a great family day out with something for everyone - races, rides, games, and food. Come for the run and stay for the day! read more about Support SeeBeyondBorders at the Mini-Mos Community Fun Run and Fair

Aberdeen has a significant presence in Asia and so I am thrilled that staff have chosen to donate to SeeBeyondBorders and the work the charity does to improve teaching quality and facilities in rural Cambodia. Education plays a crucial role in the development of society so SeeBeyondBorders will undoubtedly have an impact not only on the children but the country as a whole.

Anne Richards, Chief Investment Officer, Aberdeen Asset Management

My experience with SeeBeyondBorders has changed my whole perspective. Seeing the positive impact SeeBeyondBorders is making in Cambodia shows it is possible to make things happen.

Caitlin, Projects Team

This trip was an incredible life-changing experience. Even at my most exhausted moments, I was treasuring every minute.

Catriona, Teach the Teacher program

We believe that SeeBeyondBorders [programs] will enhance the quality of education in district level or in nationwide in the future.

Director, District Office of Education, Ek Phnom District

I gained more than I was able to give. But my time in Cambodia supported the universal view that change begins with education.

Jenny, Teach the Teacher program

My trip with See Beyond Borders opened my eyes to Cambodia’s strengths and challenges and a beautifully focussed organisation’s heartfelt efforts to make a lasting difference.

John, Projects Team

Every day was an adventure and it was an absolute privilege to work alongside the Cambodian people.

Mary-Anne, Projects Team

Any volunteers out there looking for a different way to spend some time, check these guys out… you won’t regret it.

Matthew, Projects Team

It was a trip that has changed my perspective on life ... I recommend it to anyone who is happy to have a go and step out of their comfort zone for a few weeks - it was really rewarding.

Rachelle, Teach the Teacher program

The Royal Government ordered all levels of education institutions to enhance the quality of education. We had not had any specific methods to obtain the goal until SeeBeyondBorders came to our district.  SeeBeyondBorders' new programs are the answer.

Sreiyon, Director, District Office of Education, Angkor Thom

I am very lucky to be trained on new methods for teaching maths by those skillful facilitators from Australia. I have learned so much from them.

Sreylin, young Cambodian teacher, Angkor Thom