Your Gift Today Can Build a Better Future for Cambodian Children!

Your Gift Today Can Build a Better Future for Cambodian Children!

Today in Cambodia there is what the World Bank calls “a learning crisis”. The Khmer Rouge Regime killed over 90% of teachers and the education system was completely destroyed. Today only 3% of children reach base line levels of performance in Maths and Literacy. This uniquely troubled history, together with widespread poverty, is why children are so vulnerable.

Education is the most powerful instrument to transform a country and its people. At SeeBeyondBorders this is our biggest priority – to create positive, large-scale and sustainable change in Cambodia.

Well trained teachers are the key to quality education. At SeeBeyondBorders our UNESCO award winning Quality Teaching Program ensures that we are unlocking the skills within each teacher to have enhanced and effective teachers in Cambodian classrooms. We know this mentor model is extremely effective with the independent evidence collected showing the dramatic improvement in test scores.

SeeBeyondBorders have assisted to increase the average pass rates from 37% to 72% in 2019 maths results for Cambodian children.

Our programs would not be possible without your support. Together, we are providing access to quality teaching and learning at schools. Your investment will create real change for real people.

Examples of what your gift will go towards:

– Funding for one child: AU$ 114*

Funding for one teacher: AU$ 3,272*

– Funding our program in one school: AU$ 16,560*

*Donations over $2 are tax deductible

SeeBeyondBorders Australia is an Overseas Aid Relief Fund and an ACNC Registered charity

If you’d like more information about our programs and what we’ve achieved together 
in the past year, click here to download our 2019 Annual Report.

*2019 annual program figures including administration costs ​

Our mailing address is:
1-3 Gurrigal Street
Mosman NSW 2088
[email protected]

Thank you for supporting SeeBeyondBorders

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