tna partners with SeeBeyondBorders to support sustainable, quality teaching

Partnership with tna solutions will fund a significant transition phase of SeeBeyondBorders’ program in a district near near Siem Reap.

We’re excited to announce a partnership with tna solutions who is generously funding the transition phase of SeeBeyondBorders’ Quality Teaching program in Angkor Thom district near Siem Reap, Cambodia.

“This is a critical stage of our Quality Teaching program,” says Ed Shuttleworth, CEO of SeeBeyondBorders.  “After successfully training and mentoring teachers in Angkor Thom for 3 years, we are entering a transition phase that involves supporting teachers to take responsibility for their own professional development.  The tna grant will cover all direct program costs and support 54 teachers and 26 mentors, and will benefit almost 2,000 students in grades 1-3.”

tna solutions is an Australian supplier of a full line of processing and packaging solutions, with operations in 30 countries worldwide.  In 2002, tna established a foundation committed to sharing its success with those less fortunate.  The foundation has supported over 200 charities across 30 countries in range of projects, focused on assisting the poorest of the poor, prioritising children and concentrating on providing education, shelter, food, healthcare and relief work.

The slogan for the tna foundation is …
We will continue to share our success with the poorest of the poor – in particular children

Dave Everett, tna foundation manager says, “We’re excited to be able to support the work of SeeBeyondBorders.  tna builds partnerships with organisations to ensure donations are used in the most effective and efficient ways as well as making sure this support goes to the people it is intended for.  We’re impressed with SeeBeyondBorders’ teacher training methodology, and strong commitment to sustainability.”

The teachers in Angkor Thom district have been working with SeeBeyondBorders for the past three years. During that time, they’ve achieved significant improvement in conceptual and technical knowledge in both mathematics and general pedagogy, and have gained increased confidence in their own abilities.  A recent blog provides more detail on the achievements of teachers in Angkor Thom.

During the forthcoming transition program, teachers will take responsibility for their own professional development, and newly selected senior mentors will facilitate training sessions to benefit a wider pool of teachers in the district.

The program activities will improve quality of teaching and improved learning outcomes for students and will help SeeBeyondBorders to progress towards its vision: to empower a generation of Cambodian children through education.

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