The Problem

Cambodian children are not getting the education they deserve

Vision, Mission and Values

We strive each day to implement UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education.

The People

Cambodian children are not getting the education they deserve

Partners and Supporters

Cambodian children are not getting the education they deserve

90% of teachers were killed during the Khmer Rouge regime

Cambodia's Troubled Past

1975 – Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge seize power.​

In an attempt to recreate an agrarian society, the Khmer Rouge target intelligent people that may oppose their ideals. Approximately 20% of the population die under the regime.

1979 – Vietnam occupation of Cambodia​

During the Vietnamese occupation, Western powers provide support to the Khmer Rouge as a resistance force. Fighting continues along the Thai border throughout the occupation. By 1980, only 15 Secondary Schools are left in Cambodia.

1991 – Paris Peace Agreement for Cambodia is signed.

A ceasefire is agreed and UN temporarily assumes the role of running the country. Democratic elections are scheduled.

1992 – Khmer Rouge resumes fighting​

While most of the country is peaceful, war continues near the Thai border.

1998 – War finally ends

In 1998 – 475 secondary schools in Cambodia​

1999-2016 Relative peace and stability

2016 – 1731 secondary schools in Cambodia​

Cambodia Today

Today in Cambodia there is a learning crisis. The Khmer Rouge Regime killed over 90% of teachers and the education system was completely destroyed. Findings from the 2018 MoEYS OECD Report reveal less than 3% of 15 year old children reach base line levels of performance in Maths or Literacy. This learning crisis as a result of Cambodia’s uniquely troubled history means the future for many Cambodian children is bleak.

2019 marks 10 years since the establishment of SeeBeyondBorders, forever changing the country’s educational landscape. The organisation is founded on the belief that change begins with education and that good quality schooling allows Cambodian children to seek a brighter future and overcome the clutches of poverty.

In Action

Education is the most powerful instrument to transform a country and its people. At SeeBeyondBorders this is our biggest priority – to create positive, large-scale and sustainable change in Cambodia.

Our UNESCO award winning Quality Teaching Program ensures that we are unlocking the skills within each teacher to have enhanced and effective teachers in Cambodian classrooms.

To date, SeeBeyondBorders has worked in two provinces of Cambodia; Battambang and Siem Reap. We have worked with over 500 teachers who in turn deliver improved education to 27,000 children.

We are not just working with one or two communities – we are working towards large-scale systemic and sustainable change. This change is not easy and we need support to bring it about.


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