Teachers Inspire Cambodia

SeeBeyondBorders has launched an initiative entitled ‘Teachers Inspire Cambodia’ in recognition of the transformative role teachers can have on children.

Teachers Inspire Cambodia will highlight how teachers can inspire people, societies and futures. The inaugural gala awards dinner in Siem Reap will recognise the most inspiring teachers within the SeeBeyondBorders programs.

It is estimated that during the Khmer Rouge regime 90% of all teachers were killed (1). The profession was totally decimated and the effects of this are still being felt today. Despite the majority of primary school aged children now having access to education, less than 3% of Cambodian children are reaching minimum learning standards (2).

Khmer Entrepreneur Tevy Moung and School Principal Song Soam at the launch of Teachers Inspire Cambodia

SeeBeyondBorders recognises that despite the lack of adequate initial training, ongoing professional development and resources being available to most teachers in Cambodia there are teachers who are creating positive change and being inspirational on a daily basis. Through Teachers Inspire Cambodia we aim to champion the present day teachers who are building a brighter future for Cambodian children. We will publicly recognise ten inspirational teachers at a special gala awards dinner at Tevy’s Place, Siem Reap on 18th January 2020. These primary school teachers all work in government schools in Siem Reap or Battambang province and all play a profound role in the formative years of a child’s education.

Quality teachers make all the difference

Teachers Inspire Cambodia is modelled on Teachers Inspire Ireland run by Dublin City University. Both initiatives have been made possible thanks to support from businessman and philanthropist Dermot Desmond.

Speaking at the launch SeeBeyondBorders’ Director of Development Colm Byrne said: 

“We are delighted to launch this initiative supported by Dermot Desmond. Teachers Inspire Ireland has inspired us to try something similar here. Though our education systems are very different we share a common belief that teachers are the bedrock of a society and they must be valued and respected.”

Speaking at the launch restaurant owner Tevy Moung said:

“As a Khmer entrepreneur, I must encourage my staff to ‘want’ to develop new skills. It is the same in schools. But the teachers are the key to introducing children to the excitement of learning. That is why I am supporting Teachers Inspire Cambodia. See Beyond Borders is great. Instead of focusing on buildings, they work alongside teachers so that the young people can get a better education in order to create a bright future for my beloved country.“

Speaking at the launch SeeBeyondBorders Country Manager Pheung Pov said:

“The goal of this award is to inspire teachers to feel pride in their profession. I believe teachers are the key to sustainable development and by having great teachers this helps to secure better futures for the younger generations of Cambodians. These teachers have displayed quality teaching practices, professional development and also really care about the students. I am very proud to see these inspirational teachers being recognised. “ 


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