A Lot Done. A Lot More To Do.

Why are we here?

Our Founders, Edward and Kate Shuttleworth, travelled to Cambodia with their young family in 2002 and were immediately struck by what they saw. They were volunteering in an area where families had moved to prostitute their young daughters, because it was the only way they saw to make enough money to feed their families.
“The abject misery we witnessed will stay with us forever,” said Kate. “While our own young children were oblivious to what was really happening, their very presence made the situation all the more poignant. No parent should ever have to make those sort of choices.”
The trip was a turning point for the Shuttleworths, leading to their decision to combine their joint, passionate belief that change begins with education, and founding SeeBeyondBorders in 2009. They were determined to contribute to improving the quality of education in Cambodian primary schools through ensuring teachers are equipped with the skills necessary to do their jobs effectively. Quality teaching ultimately gives children access to brighter futures.
Over the last 10 years the SeeBeyondBorders team has grown the charity from its humble beginnings to become an internationally recognised, award winning organisation with a local leadership team.
SeeBeyondBorders’ dedication to improving teacher quality is highly regarded by teachers, school principals and government officials alike. The objective of the charity is clear – we want children to learn in school.
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10 Years of SeeBeyondBorders