SeeBeyondBorders Begin Search for Educational Changemakers

SeeBeyondBorders have begun recruiting for ambitious female Cambodian graduates to partake in our inaugural Educational Changemaker graduate programme.

Set to begin in early 2021, the Educational Changemaker programme has been developed to create opportunity for Cambodian women to influence change in the education sector in Cambodia. The programme will employ passionate Cambodians with an undergraduate degree and leadership potential, to offer them the skills and thinking to create positive transformation in education in Cambodia.

Great leaders motivate, inspire and enact change. At SeeBeyondBorders, we have identified that leadership positions in Cambodian education are predominantly held by men. We want more Cambodian women to be part of the change in education, and the Educational Changemaker programme forms part of our plan to action this. The programme will enable women to be part of the change in education through action. SeeBeyondBorders believes investing in women’s leadership is a benefit to society. Educational Changemakers aims to reduce the barriers to women becoming leaders in the education sector in Cambodia.

About the Educational Changemaker Graduate Programme

SeeBeyondBorders Educational Changemaker programme is a two-year programme that will enable Cambodian women with an undergraduate degree to develop a toolkit to become future leaders in education. The programme will be based in Battambang province.

Four key components make up the Educational Changemaker graduate programme. These aspects are essential for building the knowledge and key skills to ensure Changemakers have the skills and experience for leadership positions when they have completed the programme.

The four key aspects that make up the two-year programme are:

  • Learn skills and knowledge through the SeeBeyondBorders Educational Excellence and Leadership course
  • Develop teaching skills, a detailed knowledge of how schools function, and a sense of the local community by working in classrooms alongside teachers
  • Work with local communities to understand and develop solutions for education concerns at the place where they begin, learning project design and management skills to improve learning in Cambodia
  • Complete a Master of Education at a University throughout the two-year programme.

Educational Changemakers (successful applicants to the programme) will be provided with a competitive monthly allowance throughout the two-year programme to support their learning and living costs.

Recruitment for the Educational Changemaker graduate programme began in November 2020, and is set to close December 21st 2020.

For more information on the programme, visit our recruitment page: 

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