Introducing SeeBeyondBorders Ireland

Donations by Monthly Donors

€1,333 out of target of €1,500

Single Donations

€11,970 out of target of €12,000

SeeBeyondBorders Ireland is a newly established charity aiming to build an Irish footprint in support of inclusive education for all Cambodian children. We will support the work SeeBeyondBorders is doing on the ground in rural Cambodia to provide quality education at school.

A New Opportunity for Cambodia and Ireland

“I am delighted to introduce this first newsletter of SeeBeyondBorders Ireland. I hope you find it interesting and informative. We have recently achieved charitable status and our work here in Ireland is just beginning. I have worked for forty years in primary education and retired from my position as principal teacher of a large school in North County Dublin in January. I believe passionately in the power of education to empower people and bring about change. SeeBeyondBorders has been working on the ground in Cambodia since 2009 and it is wonderful to be now launching here in Ireland. Our work is to fundraise and support the educational programmes that SeeBeyondBorders implements in rural Cambodian schools with a focus on Khmer literacy and numeracy. Improving learning outcomes for Cambodian children is the focus of our work. SeeBeyondBorders views the teacher as the most important resource in education. Programmes are all evidence-based and have proven success. The global pandemic has had a severe impact on life in Cambodia. Your support is very welcome and needed now. If you are interested in our work please contact me at [email protected]
Maeve Corish, Chairperson of the Board

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What We Do

Quality Teaching – At SeeBeyondBorders, we train Cambodian teachers so that they can provide children with a quality education. We support teachers to train their peers and provide ongoing mentoring.
Community Engagement – We work with local communities to improve school facilities and to encourage rural children to attend school and value education.
National Reform – We work in partnership with the National Ministry of Education to embed our programmes and improve the system as a whole.


You can make a tangible difference to the lives of Cambodian children at this critical time. Monthly donors are particularly valuable for our small charity as they provide us with a stable income. Any donations (monthly or single) are greatly appreciated and valued. 100% of all funds received will be spent in Cambodia. We provide full transparency and accountability.

€10 per month

Develops five literacy lesson plans for teachers each month

€65 per month

Enables eight children from low-income families to attend school for a year

(Total family income of less than €60 a month)

These are examples of what your money can achieve in real terms and are for demonstrative purposes.

Donations by Monthly Donors

€1,333 out of target of €1,500

Single Donations

€11,970 out of target of €12,000

SeeBeyondBorders in Action

Responding to COVID-19 – Total recorded case numbers of COVID-19 in Cambodia have just exceeded 40,000. While this number is comparatively low, 99% of all cases have been recorded in the last four months. The effects of the pandemic on Cambodian people are profound. Over 1.3 million Cambodians are now living below the poverty line with an income of less than 77 cents a day. Children have missed more than 160 days of school.

Schools are likely to remain closed for the remainder of this year. Families most in need of online classes are unable to afford the internet, let alone devices to access them. Many children may never return to school. We are working hard to ensure this does not happen, to keep children engaged in education, to utilise technology and to help those furthest behind through this pandemic.

A mentor and a mentee reflect on a lesson

Transforming and Adapting the Learning Experience for Children

Transforming and Adapting the Learning Experience for Children

Creating Systemic Reform – In March 2020 we were delighted to host three members of the Cambodian Ministry of Education to Ireland. The delegation visited a number of schools and educational leaders in Ireland. We will continue to build on this relationship with the Ministry to ensure the system improves.

Our Cambodian Country Manager Pov will begin his master’s degree in Ireland next year

Furthering Connections in Ireland

SeeBeyondBorders has developed many connections on the island of Ireland. We are pleased to collaborate with the NCI and DCU in educational research. A small number of organisations have graciously supported our work including Irish Aid, Horseware, the INTO and Electric Aid. We are proud members of the CambodiaIreland Changemaker Network. Several Irish educators have travelled to Cambodia and have worked collaboratively with educators in Cambodia. Colm Byrne, our CEO, was formerly an Irish primary school teacher. He now leads our operations from Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Upcoming Webinar

On Wednesday, July 7th at 10am, Irish time, SeeBeyondBorders is co-hosting a webinar with the CambodiaIreland Changemaker Network to learn how COVID-19 is impacting inequality in education in Ireland and Cambodia. Register here to join.

Meet our Trustees

Raising Awareness of Cambodia in Ireland

Listen to Colm on the Mick Clifford podcast.

SeeBeyondBorders is the only charity in Cambodia to win a UNESCO award for improving teachers
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