Double your Donation in Australia: Bondi to Bronte

In November, we have launched our Bondi to Bronte matched-donations campaign for donations in Australia. Our fundraising ambassador Carrington Blake is swimming Bondi to Bronte to raise much-needed funds for SeeBeyondBorders, and his employer will match donations up to $25,000AUD. Read the article below or watch the above video for more information on why donations are urgently needed at this time.

Schools in Cambodia have reopened after being closed for 6 months due to COVID-19 – but there is widespread concern that many children will not return to school. 

More than three million children in Cambodia have been affected by school closures.

As of late October 2020, schools have reopened with children returning to classrooms on a part time basis as part of the COVID-19 preventative measures put in place. There is widespread concern many children may not make the journey back to school. If children do not stay in school, it threatens to roll back years of educational progress and leave the most vulnerable children deprived of essential services. At SeeBeyondBorders’, our programs work to address this by focusing on the root cause of many dropouts which is the learning crisis in Cambodia. Dropouts are a stark reminder of the extent of this learning crisis. 

SeeBeyondBorders urgently require funds to help children in Cambodia.

By improving quality teaching, we can improve learning for children and ensure children stay in school. 

In December, our Fundraising Ambassador Carrington Blake, from Macquarie Bank, will swim from Bondi to Bronte to raise much-needed funds for SeeBeyondBorders. This campaign is a unique opportunity for donations in Australian dollars to be doubled.

Every donation made up to a total of $25,000AUD will be matched by Carrington’s employer. This means every dollar you donate on behalf of Carrington is doubled to help ensure that children return to school. This is a unique opportunity to donate.

Our target is to raise $25,000AUD (a total of $50,000AUD for SeeBeyondBorders when matched) by the start of December.

Donate here: 

Watch our donation tracker below. 

$30,285 AUD

Raised of $50,000 AUD goal

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