Cambodian based staff gather in Siem Reap

In February 2022, SeeBeyondBorders held its first staff retreat in over two years. Our Cambodian-based staff gathered together for four days in Siem Reap to reflect on the past two years, examine our progress as an organisation and have some fun along the way! The retreat provided a valuable sharing opportunity for staff as we strive to grow and improve.

Taking time away from routine assignments gave staff the opportunity to think “outside the box”. In addition to reviewing policies and procedures and evaluating systems and processes, the retreat provided an opportunity to look at organisational strengths and weaknesses, providing valuable perspectives.

Through a series of workshops and team-building exercises, each staff played a role in the week.
Penhjet Counseling present a session on mental health.

On the final day of the retreat, a session on Mental health was delivered by Penhjet Counselling Services. Penhjet, directly translated in Khmer, means “full heart” to describe a sense of satisfaction, contentment and happiness. This session proved to be very helpful and essential to ensuring the well-being of all the team. After the impact of the past two years on individuals’ state of mind, it is important to do everything we can as an organisation to foster wellbeing among our most precious resource (the staff).

Sophen, Technical Education Manager, is presented with an award for his continued hard work and commitment to SeBeyondBorders.

Towards the end of the retreat, we looked ahead to the future. While changes are inevitable our focus to improve Cambodian children’s education remains resolute.

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