Australian Government funding helps SeeBeyondBorders expand programs

New partnership will help expand us education programs in rural Cambodia

SeeBeyondBorders achieved a milestone last month with the announcement of accreditation from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT). This is the beginning of a partnership with the Australian Government that will help us expand our highly successful education programs in Cambodia.

Our approach in Cambodia is unique! 

SeeBeyondBorders provides in-service training in rural schools to address the poor state of teacher quality in Cambodia, and improve the educational outcomes for Cambodian children.  Run by Cambodian teachers, our approach provides ongoing mentoring to ensure sustainable development of teaching skills.

SeeBeyondBorders is the only organisation supporting teachers to train their peers, with Cambodian teachers providing training to help upgrade knowledge and skills, but more importantly, ongoing one-to-one mentoring over several years, to consolidate learning and build sustainable ongoing teaching quality.

In a recent blog, we reported on some of the great results being achieved by teachers in our program in Angkor Thom district in Siem Reap province.

How ANCP will help

SeeBeyondBorders receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).  ANCP funding will enable SeeBeyondBorders to expand programs in Cambodia that are having such a significant impact on teacher quality in the districts in which we work.

ANCP funds will support projects vital to enhancing teacher quality, including a program to transition our teacher training program to teachers and Cambodian education authorities in Bavel and Angkor Thom districts, and implementation of new core in-service teacher training programs in Ek Phnom district and another district near Siem Reap. There’s also support for capacity building to enable SeeBeyondBorders to continue its transition to Cambodian leadership and management.

Recognition of our approach

The ANCP is an Australian Government initiative that supports the development activities of accredited Australian Non-Government Organisations (NGOs).  Only accredited NGOs are eligible to receive ANCP funding, and any organisation seeking funding must undergo a due diligence process and assessment of the outcomes of their development activities.

The rigorous accreditation process aims to provide the Government and Australian public with confidence the Australian Government is funding professional, well managed, community based organisations that are capable of delivering quality development outcomes.

ANCP accreditation recognises the soundness of SeeBeyondBorders’ governance, financial management, child protection, and monitoring and evaluation processes.

For more information about our programs, click here.

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