Annual Reflection Meeting 2022

Our Siem Reap and Battambang Offices together- with our mission, vision and values on display.

‘I feel stronger when everyone joins together’ sums up our week-long Organisational Review perfectly. After a week of discussions, collaboration and feedback from all of our staff in Cambodia, our strengths and weaknesses as an organisation are much clearer. 

The week began with all staff in Cambodia meeting in our Battambang Office. Before meetings commenced, a Christmas celebration took place as an opportunity to catch-up and celebrate some of the many achievements throughout 2022. Christmas cookies, mince pies and mulled wine were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

These delicious christmas snacks were provided by Battambang Fine Foods.

Day two began with a handful of insightful presentations from differing staff members. It was very useful for different departments to understand more about the hard work that goes on throughout the organisation and some of the achievements within each. 

This was followed by a digital meeting with Penny Everitt- Chair of the Australian Board. Penny has spent extensive time before in Cambodia and it was a great opportunity for all of our staff in Cambodia to learn more about her and clarify understanding of the role the Australian Board plays in SeeBeyondBorders.

Above Penny can be seen sharing her core role within SeeBeyondBorders with all our staff in Cambodia.

Throughout the week, an Organisational Capacity Assessment took place. As a team, each core component of SeeBeyondBorders was assessed and its effectiveness discussed. This was  conducted in multiple small groups composed of differing staff members, ensuring everyone had the opportunity to discuss and have their voice heard. 

The result of these assessments was then measured and analysed to determine the strengths and challenges we have as an organisation. It was noted that we support emerging leaders within our team effectively, however we need to engage our stakeholders more- allowing them to also have a voice in decision-making. This allows a clear action plan to be developed that can be implemented throughout 2023- to continue to strengthen SeeBeyondBorders.

A group evaluates the effectiveness of our programs above- allowing different departments to share ideas.

2022 has been a critical year for SeeBeyondBorders- schools finally reopened after extensive closures due to the pandemic, significant changes have been made and we are continuing to grow and develop as an organisation. 

We have said goodbye to long-standing staff members- including our founders, introduced new members to the team and welcomed visits from many supporters, trustees and new employees across the world.

A highlight of the week was being able to welcome Pov- our Leadership Team Mentor who is currently studying in Ireland- back for the Christmas period to spend time with his family and support the team in Cambodia. He spent time sharing the advantages along with the trials and tribulations of studying abroad- particularly in a country so far from his home. It was wonderful to see him again and we wish him the best of luck as he returns in a couple of weeks to continue studying.

Pov shares a story about studying in Ireland and the amount of reading he has to do for his course!

In summary, the week has been a resounding success. Problems were identified, however solutions were discovered and clear steps put into place to address these. A deeper understanding of our accomplishments this year were shared and our team displayed growth and potential through engaging presentations, discussions and activities. 

Perhaps most importantly, everyone in our Cambodia Offices has had a chance to feel heard. Feedback and suggestions were given and discussions about the challenges faced throughout the year. A key aim was to encourage a more equitable and inclusive organisational structure, so everyone can openly share their opinions and play an active role in decision making.

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