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By Gabriella Calderaro -

Meet Gabriella, student of Peace Studies at Pisa University, who spent some time with us during her time in Australia.

My experience with SeeBeyondBorders was an important moment of personal and professional growth. As a student of Peace Studies at University of Pisa (Italy) I was committed in research of international cooperation and cultural mediation with the principal aim of resolving conflict without violence. I decided to come to Australia and be part of SeeBeyondBorders’ organization to practise my learning. With this experience I discovered how a single action or a small commitment can really produce meaningful ends. I chose to take part in the SeeBeyondBorders projects because I fully shared their praiseworthy aim to help Cambodian Children get to school and improving the learning that happens there. This project promotes a non-violent cultural change in a country that has suffered a brutal genocide during the cold war, exterminating the intellectual élite. SeeBeyondBorders knows that one of the keys to improve a country is education, and I strongly believe that awareness can be a form of freedom of choice and human capital is one of the most important keys to changing and improving quality of life of the Cambodian population. Through building a cultural bridge of solidarity and awareness between Australian and Cambodian people, SeeBeyondBorders is increasing brotherhood and peace. This project of improving both access to and quality of education in Cambodia is the beginning of peaceful change that will allow the next Khmer generation to have a better future and a better life. I am proud to be part of it. gabriella

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