Two weeks to remember! Two weeks to remember!

By SeeBeyondBorders Team -

“The trip was absolutely fantastic - the best thing I have ever done!” And so concluded our latest Teach the Teacher trip to Cambodia in January 2011.

“After many years travelling in the third world, SeeBeyondBorders was the best travel experience ever: I had the opportunity to make meaningful contact with so many people in their personal environment. I was able to work closely with Cambodian teachers and translators in a joint venture to share skills and teaching methods to facilitate maths education. It was particularly humbling, satisfying and invigorating!” Aussie teachers “The SeeBeyondBorders program in Cambodia was truly an amazing experience. It was a great balance of cultural exposure to the rich and overwhelming history and providing valuable workshops and resources to teachers and schools in Cambodia. I felt really involved with this program as there were only 20 people with amazing leaders and organisers. I felt prepared, organised and comfortable while open to the opportunities and challenges of travelling. An amazing program.”
"After many years travelling in the third world, SeeBeyondBorders was the best travel experience ever."
These are just two evaluations from the group of Australian teachers who volunteered their time to deliver a series of Teach the Teacher workshops in Battambang and Siem Reap. Nearly 200 Cambodian teachers attended the SeeBeyondBorders workshops which concentrated on maths teaching methods and included specially designed teacher resource kits. We also included a PE and Art workshop this year which were incredibly popular. Our group of 20 included non-teachers too and they went with our interpreters to work alongside people in communities well off the beaten track, such as the floating village which was barely floating due to the low water levels. They had some fairly challenging moments as they came face to face with confronting environments and stories from people who are living with so much hardship. local building But it wasn’t all about work and our group were able to visit programmes sponsored by SeeBeyondBorders, including the newly constructed and finished ‘School by the Lake’, and some of the mini schools and nutrition programmes. They also went bike riding through paddy fields on Silk Island, played soccer in the middle of nowhere with the kids at a new nutrition programme, went to a fantastic circus performed by street kids, visited the Angkor What temples and attended a cooking course at ‘Smoking Pot’. There were so many experiences in a short space of time. Take a look at our ‘Postcards’ and other stories in the News section to find out more about their trip experiences!

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