The Sea Beyond Bondi The Sea Beyond Bondi

By Ed Shuttleworth -

SeeBeyondBorders has its own fundraising page with 'Everyday Hero' and we are proud to announce our first team supporters.

Australia is home and it is great to spend time here. This is where our support and funding comes from, without which Cambodia would only be a dream. A special thank you to all who turn dreams into action. Online fundraising is a great platform for personal and team fundraising and SeeBeyondBorders now has its own page with ‘Everyday Hero’. From this page, supporters can create their own personalised page that is linked directly to SeeBeyondBorders. Personalised pages can also be linked to public events such as the City to Surf. We are proud to announce our first Everyday Hero supporters, ‘The Sea Beyond Bondi’ team who are aiming to raise $10,000 for SeeBeyondBorders via the City to Surf on 14th August. Please support The Sea Beyond Bondi team here. Thank you Michael, Lauren and Carrington from all of us at SeeBeyondBorders. Good luck!

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