Saying goodbye (for now!) to two International Volunteers Saying goodbye (for now!) to two International Volunteers

By SeeBeyondBorders -

Our International Volunteers are integral to the success of SeeBeyondBorders. For six months they immerse themselves with the Cambodian team, sharing their expertise and learning invaluable skills along the way. But saying goodbye is never easy - especially when they have contributed so much, like Penny and Robyn did this year.

Everyone at SeeBeyondBorders was really sad to see our two International Volunteers Penny and Robyn come to the end of their time with us in Cambodia. They worked so brilliantly together with Felicia, our Finance Volunteer, as a formidable but gentle team who systematically went through all the great documentation work that had been produced by all the staff over the last 12 months and pulled it all together into a logical, clear whole. 

They worked with Felicia to produce budgets that were understandable and usable by all the staff. They worked tirelessly facilitating workshops and discussion groups with all the staff to make sure everyone’s voice was heard, and shaped the results of these sessions into our Operating Plan and Strategic Plan.  They designed and produced marketing and communications materials; worked individually with staff to identify KPIs; supported everyone to prepare for and accompany visiting project teams; and before they could do any of this in just six months, they made sure they explored and understood every aspect of what SeeBeyondBorders is and does, so that the strategic stuff was genuinely appropriate on the ground.

It would be impossible to overstate how wonderful they have been. Their unfailing good nature; their ability to make the office a genuinely fun, respectful and interactive place to be; their honesty and patience; and their wonderful sense of humour, has left us with a great legacy, but also one which they made sure they passed on to our new volunteers with generosity, clarity and professionalism. We have come to think of them as family and will miss them immensely.  Thank you both so much for really understanding SeeBeyondBorders vision, embracing it so wholeheartedly and finding a way to reflect that vision in both our internal and external communications. 

Bon voyage Robyn and all our very best wishes as you start your exciting new position in London – they are so lucky to have you – and as you prepare for your forthcoming marriage to Wayne. Thanks for surviving without her for so long Wayne! 

Penny – enjoy a well deserved rest in Australia with family – a big thank you to them too for sharing you with us. Choose your next role carefully – you have so much talent and compassion for people. We will miss you terribly but will try not to hound you to come back!!

Akun Sharan to you both!

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