Raising funds is no laughing matter, or is it? Raising funds is no laughing matter, or is it?

By SeeBeyondBorders -

Supporters Samantha and David use comedy, and their birthdays, to raise more than £2,000 for SeeBeyondBorders!

We love hearing about all the different and interesting ways our supporters raise money for SeeBeyondBorders!

Last Saturday, UK supporters, David and Samantha, celebrated a milestone birthday in a most unusual way, embarking on a night of laughter and hosting a hugely successful stand up comedy show. Forgoing the usual gifts of wine and chocolate, the couple instead asked friends to donate to SeeBeyondBorders, and donate they did. The end result was a night of hilarity and the raising of well over £2,000 for SeeBeyondBorders. 

The comedy was provided by a mix of friends and family with several professional comedians providing additional laughs.

Samantha and David would like to thank everyone who attended that evening, and special thanks to those that were brave enough to face the spotlight, Alice Fraser, James Loveridge, Matt Stellingwerf, Cerys Bradley, Eliot Pallot, Derwin Brennan, Suraj Gangani and Gareth Williams.

Donations are still being accepted here

Thankyou so much Samantha and David, their friends and the wonderful comedy performers, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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