Postcards from a trip: Day 7 Postcards from a trip: Day 7

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"Ed’s excitement and emotion at seeing the newly built school was contagious and people from the village are so proud of their new school!"

When? Day 7 Where? School by the Lake What? Visiting new SeeBeyondBorders school and clearing land “Ed’s excitement and emotion at seeing the newly built school was contagious! People from the village so proud of their new school! Small village in the middle of nowhere, with beautiful views all around. SeeBeyondBorders donors have funded the building of this 5 roomed school and toilet block to service about 150 children from surrounding area. Previously the unpaid teacher has only been able to run two classes at a time under his house, with classes separated by a tarp. He ran around teaching two classes at once! He is currently attending the SBB Teacher Workshops, so our teachers will meet him. Amazing to see that such an impressive building can be put up by local builders for really quite a small investment. Rows and rows of brand new wooden desks. Some of the local kids sneaked in behind us as the doors were opened and sat proudly at the desks. Lots of others peeping shyly through the windows (including a monk!) Same monk also helped us clear some of the land to be used as playground. Very hot and dusty, but the consolation was the beautiful scenery! Great to see that a small NGO like SeeBeyondBorders can see a project like this through. Wish we could have seen it in use, but not officially opening till February. An encouraging day – small steps can help to make a difference here.”

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