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By Jo Forbes -

Our new office in Battambang, Cambodia, was opened by Boeb and Sophen in June 2011.

We are pleased to announce that SeeBeyondBorders now has official headquarters in Cambodia with the opening of our office in June this year. The office is located in Battambang and is the base from which Boeb and Sophen now operate, close to their homes. Whilst not large or luxurious, Boeb and Sophen have fitted out the office with everything they need, including a well-appointed meeting space at one end and a smart SeeBeyondBorders sign hanging up outside.

Battambang office Boeb on the balcony of the SeeBeyondBorders office in Battambang

As Country Manager, Boeb is SeeBeyondBorders’ chief representative in Cambodia and is responsible for the identification, management and review of programmes and projects as well as logistics management for our visiting groups and Teach the Teachers programme. In his December trip blog, John has put it well when he says “Boeb is SeeBeyondBorders local staff and has been our gentle organiser, translator and invaluable community go between.”

Sophen is SeeBeyondBorders’ Education Projects Coordinator. Like Boeb, he is involved with logistics for the visiting groups’ programmes, as well as the broader aspects of our education projects. Sophen has a key role in the development and coordination of both the in-school support and mentor programmes, and currently he is jointly presenting teacher training for the Khmer teachers who will be attending the SeeBeyondBorders mentor training workshops in January 2012.

Boeb and Sophen

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