NSWIT accreditation NSWIT accreditation

By Jo Forbes -

SeeBeyondBorders has recently received accreditation from the NSW Institute of Teachers.

We are proud to announce that the NSW Institute of Teachers (NSWIT) has recently granted accreditation to SeeBeyondBorders as an endorsed provider of Institute Registered professional development for NSW teachers. This accreditation is for the Teach the Teacher programme workshops that are delivered in NSW, in preparation for the Cambodia workshops. To maintain accreditation at Professional Competence with NSWIT, teachers must complete one hundred hours of continuing professional development during each ‘maintenance of accreditation’ period. This comprises fifty hours of Institute Registered professional development and fifty hours of Teacher Identified professional development. The maintenance of accreditation period is currently five years for full-time teachers. The one hundred hours of professional development must address all the Standards in Element 6 of the Professional Teaching Standards at Professional Competence and at least one Standard in each of the remaining Elements. SeeBeyondBorders’ scope of endorsement addresses standards in Element 6. For more details, please visit the NSWIT website: http://www.nswteachers.nsw.edu.au/Continuing-ProfessionalDevelopment/ or contact our office via the Contact Us page.

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