Kindergarten ready for the new school year, thanks to UNWG Kindergarten ready for the new school year, thanks to UNWG

By SeeBeyondBorders -

Construction of a new classroom gives many children access to kindergarten for the first time, and provides all new kindergarten children with a new weatherproof classroom.

Lvea Chas Primary School is a state primary school in a Bavel district (Battambang Province) a poor rural area in north west Cambodia.

The kindergarten at Lvea Chas school had been housed in a very old classroom that was in a state of disrepair, without proper walls or roof.  

Despite its poor condition, this classroom accommodated 56 kindergarten children, significantly more than the recommended class size in Cambodia. Even then, not all kindergarten-age children had access to school. In fact, with 139 kindergarten-aged children in the community, the school had to turn away more than 70 children due to lack of classroom space.

The Lvea Chas school community wanted to construct a new three classroom building with weatherproof walls and roof to enable the school to enroll all the kindergarten-aged children.

With financial assistance from United Nations Women’s Group (UNWG), Vienna, SeeBeyondBorders worked with the school community to organize construction of a new building.

With more than 500 members from over 100 different countries, membership of UNWG is open to staff or their spouses who work in United Nations Organizations or Permanent Missions to these organizations, in Vienna. UNWG financially supports many children’s charities in Austria and the developing world, focusing on projects organised for the sole purpose of benefitting children in need.

Construction of the new classroom at Lvea Chas school is now complete, ready for the new school year that starts on 2 November. A significant number of children in this community will have access to kindergarten for the first time, thanks to UNWG. For the first time, children starting school in 2017-18 will be able to enjoy a comfortable, weatherproof kindergarten classroom.

Many thanks to UNWG for their generous support!

Finishing touches being added to the new kindergarten building


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