LATEST NEWS: Volunteers from AIMIA join us in Cambodia LATEST NEWS: Volunteers from AIMIA join us in Cambodia

By SeeBeyondBorders -

Our corporate partners AIMIA sent 11 volunteers to see for themselves the impact their support is having, and help deliver our programs in Cambodian schools. Find out how you can join a Project Team.

In late November 2016, 11 volunteers from our corporate partners AIMIA joined us in Cambodia for two weeks. These ‘project team’ trips are part of our offering to all our corporate partners, providing our supporters with the opportunity to see for themselves the impact that their contribution is making – and a fantastic team-building and staff development experience!

Over the two weeks, the volunteers helped with a range of activities under our Getting to School and Better Schools focus areas. This included:

  • Helping to run sports carnivals as part of our Sports Program, which aims to introduce regular physical education in our schools. This makes school a more fun and appealing place to be, and also encourages student health and wellbeing.
  • Taking part in Art Visioning workshops, which enable members of the community to share their vision for their local school as part of our School Development Program. By using drawing and art, community members who cannot read or write are also able to have a say in the development plans for their school.
  • Delivering health workshops, demonstrating to students, parents and the local community hygiene practices like teeth cleaning and hand washing. By embedding good hygiene practices in the wider community, our Health Program aims to educate people on how to avoid preventable diseases, which also contribute significantly to high absenteeism at school.
  • Improving or fixing school facilities, such as toilet blocks, which are essential to ensure the safety and comfort of students; and making the school more attractive. These improvement works were all agreed in advance by the school and local community, in consultation with SeeBeyondBorders.

The headteacher at Prek Norin Primary School – one of the places where the volunteers carried out improvement activities – shared his gratitude for their support.

“The project team has helped a lot by building a path to help the students go to class without going through the mud. The improved toilets make the students feel more comfortable and no one will disturb them. This activity was a good way for the community to come together. The international community are perhaps a motivating factor for the local community as they saw all the hard work that was put in. In five years, I hope the school will look even better. I hope the project team will come back to see the beauty growing in this school.”

The headteacher at Prek Norin Primary School

In between all of this important work, the volunteers also found the time to visit some of Cambodia’s famous sites, including the temples of Angkor, and take in some local culture with cooking lessons and a trip to the circus. 

In addition, the AIMIA volunteers helped to raise a staggering £20,000, which will go a huge way in helping us continue to strengthen teachers skills, and provide more children with the quality education they deserve in 2017.

If you would like to find out more about how you or your organisation can get involved in a Project Team trip, please get in touch with us on .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The Aimia volunteers in action!


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