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By Boeb Chhoem -

Boeb is our first Cambodian employee. He talks about his hopes for Cambodia and his experiences with SeeBeyondBorders.

My name is Boeb Chhoem, born and educated in Cambodia. I am 32 years old and am permanently residing in Battambang province. Battambang is a large and important province in the northwest of Cambodia. Its name literally translates as “the lost long stick” legend. Along with various local legends, beautiful countryside, hills and many Angkorian temples, it is regarded as a vital agricultural area.
I would like to express my deep, heartfelt thanks to Australian people ...
Honesty speaking, I feel privileged to be asked to work for SeeBeyonBorders as I will have chances to assist in improving the education sector in Cambodia, especially students living in remote areas. They receive very poor education and they are less focused. Speaking about the adults living in the remote areas, most of them are illiterate. If we do not help children, the new generation, they will be also illiterate in the future. The statistics are 35% of the rural population of Cambodia lives below the national poverty line, 20% of Cambodian children aged 6-14 do not attend school, and 68% of Cambodian children who start school drop out before grade 7. This is the tragic issues after the war. (Figures from the Royal Government of Cambodia’s publication “Achieving Cambodia’s Millennium Development Goals - Update 2010” prepared by the Ministry of Planning and released in March 2011.) I do believe that education is the breaking point of the cycle of poverty, and that I will help lots of Cambodian children through working with SeeBeyondBorders with the right strategies and works we are using now for the improvement of quality education and accessibility, and that children will be literate. I would like to express my deep, heartfelt thanks to Australian people for their kindness in helping Cambodian children. Please accept my highest respects from distance.

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