Dedicated teachers launch their own awards to recognize professional achievement Dedicated teachers launch their own awards to recognize professional achievement

By SeeBeyondBorders -

Teachers get together and organise their own awards ceremony to recognise their peers achieving high levels of professional development, and showing dedication to their students

Primary school teachers in rural areas of Cambodia are rarely recognized or encouraged, but in a school cluster in Pouk district of Siem Reap Province, teachers got together to acknowledge the achievements of their peers with awards recognising teaching excellence.

They conducted their own awards program, based on the Krou Loar (meaning “Good Teaching” in Khmer) awards program developed by SeeBeyondBorders to motivate and recognise improved professional standards through a professional incentive quality awards system.

SeeBeyondBorders conducted Krou Laor awards in this area in 2016, providing bronze, silver and gold awards to recognise teachers reaching high-level competence across a range of teaching skills, developed through involvement in the Quality Teaching Program.  This program provides comprehensive training and mentoring to teachers in small rural schools, many of whom have very limited training and often limited levels of education themselves. These teachers also suffer low levels of motivation due to low salaries, poor working conditions and little or no professional support.

Having been involved in the SeeBeyondBorders program, the teachers had worked very hard to develop their own professional skills, and searching for new teaching techniques to improve the learning environment for their students.

In the 2016-2017 school year, the senior mentor and mentors involved in the SeeBeyondBorders’ program worked together to organize their own Krou Laor award ceremony, accessing funds from the school cluster budget.  They got together to set the award criteria, focusing on classroom teaching and learning (administrative work, classroom decoration, lesson plan preparation), student test results, student attendance, and the production and effective use of teaching materials.

All the school principals in the local cluster become members of the Krou Laor Award selection committee.

The 2017 Krou Laor Award ceremony was held at the regular Thursday technical meeting in August. More than 60 teachers attended, along with representatives of the Puok District Office of Education (DoE), and a deputy commune chief.

Four teachers were presented with Krou Laor awards, one gold, one silver and two bronze, recognised for achieving high levels of professional development, and showing dedication to their students.

The gold award winner, Miss Broch Chanla, was very happy to be recognized for the Krou Laor Award.  She said, “I am committed to continue to teach the students and provide them the best quality of education. I will try to do my best to win Krou Laor Award next year.”

Mr Vanny, Director of Pouk DoE was very supportive of the Award.  He said he was very happy to see the school principals and cluster principal showing such strong commitment to encouraging teachers to improve their work.

School cluster principal, Mr Dul encouraged the teachers to continue their good work, “This Krou Laor award will be celebrated every year for teacher excellence.  Please all try your best to teach the students in our schools."

This is a great example of the sustainability of SeeBeyondBorders’ activities in Cambodia.  It’s great to see the mentors and teachers working to recognize the achievements of their peers, with the support of local education authorities.

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