Bringing new meaning to Maths concepts Bringing new meaning to Maths concepts

By SeeBeyondBorders -

Our senior mentor have been delivering multiplication and division workshops to bring a deeper understanding of these concepts to teachers in Ek Phnom district.

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Over the last three days in Ek Phnom district our senior mentors have been leading a series of multiplication and division workshops to strengthen understanding for our teachers within these key areas.

Attended by 11 teachers, the workshop has been facilitated by 4 senior mentors. They have been providing practical sessions on teaching multiplication and division, guidance on using SeeBeyondBorders resource manuals in-line with government issued text books, and how to use concrete materials to aid learning in the classroom. Ensuring that teachers are able to not just understand these concepts, but to effectively teach them and pass on this knowledge, is vital to bring quality education to the schools within our program.

Sophen, our Teach the Teacher Program Manager, spoke about the recent multiplication and division workshop, which he attended to provide support and ensure its smooth running:

“Our senior mentors have capacity and a high understanding of the concepts used. They have been trained to be facilitators in these workshops so new teachers are supported and able to learn. It also provides modelling for the teachers to understand good teaching practice and styles. Teachers believe in the SeeBeyondBorders model and workshop, so it makes it run smoothly and very well. I am very proud to watch how the senior mentors have provided technical knowledge and training to the teachers in these workshops.”

Sophen and his team of mentor development co-ordinators have provided in-depth training for our senior mentors to be able to facilitate these workshops, the first where the senior mentors are themselves leading these sessions. Empowering teachers to develop themselves and support others is at the heart of SeeBeyondBorders’ work, and ensures our programs are led by those at the very center of education in Cambodia.

Solida has attended both the previous addition and subtraction workshop and the most recent multiplication and division workshop at Prek Norin School. She has been a teacher for one year and has been on the SeeBeyondBorders Teach the Teacher program since she graduated from Provincial teacher training college:

“I think the SeeBeyondBorders workshops are very good. I have learnt a lot about methodology and strategy and how to use resources properly. I have also learnt how to get my students more involved in lessons. Before I didn’t really learn deeply about maths concepts, but now I can break down the concept and teach maths with a detailed explanation for my students.”

Our senior mentors’ ability to deliver these workshops is a fundamental part of the Teach the Teacher model, and vital in ensuring the continued sustainability of our programs. The senior mentors bring much needed support, advice and guidance to new teachers, and bring a deeper understanding of teaching strategies. Through this cascade of knowledge we are able to ensure teachers have the confidence and skills to deliver classes which are engaging, practical, and effective, and to provide quality learning for the next generation of Cambodian children.

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