Become a Hero Become a Hero

By Jo Forbes -

If you’re planning a fundraiser for your SeeBeyondBorders trip or a project, online fundraising may be your answer!

Several schools have expressed an interest in community service fundraising for SeeBeyondBorders, particularly for projects such as a school nutrition programme ($2,500 per year); classroom resource packs ($80 per class); bicycles for school transport ($36 each), etc. Online fundraising is a great platform for school and personal fundraising and SeeBeyondBorders now has its own page with ‘Everyday Hero’ - click here to view (opens in new window). From this page you (or your school, club, etc.) can create a personalised fundraising page linked to SeeBeyondBorders so all donations to your personal page go directly to SeeBeyondBorders Foundation Australia. All donors will receive a tax deductible receipt via Everyday Hero. There are also public events that allow you to select a charity as a fundraising avenue, e.g. the SMH Half Marathon and the City to Surf. These ‘open’ events will automatically appear on the SeeBeyondBorders Everyday Hero home page and you can create a personalised page that is linked to both the event and SeeBeyondBorders. Why not get a team of your friends and colleagues together or join a SeeBeyondBorders team in an upcoming event? More news about SeeBeyondBorders teams coming soon!

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