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By SeeBeyondBorders -

Liz Starling and Kate Shuttleworth have received ACU awards for "exceptional works in contributing to the common good."

Liz Starling and Kate Shuttleworth were very pleased to hear they had each been awarded a Deputy Vice-Chancellor's Award for Social Justice, by the Australian Catholic University (ACU) for "exceptional works in contributing to the common good" through their work on the SeeBeyondBorders Teach the Teacher Programme. True to form, and luckily for SeeBeyondBorders, both of them have used their scholarship award to fund themselves to go on the January 2012 Teach the Teacher trip. They have obviously become programme junkies! Thanks to both of you and we hope you have as much fun as last time. Enormous thanks also to ACU Sydney for this great acknowledgment of the work that is done by participants on the Teach the Teacher programme and for your recognition of Liz and Kate's contribution. Kate (below, left) received her award on 28 September and accepted Liz's award on her behalf as she was unable to attend. Kate receives her award

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