A mentor and his colleagues arrange their own workshop to share experiences with other teachers A mentor and his colleagues arrange their own workshop to share experiences with other teachers

By SeeBeyondBorders -

Sustainability in action: A SeeBeyondBorders' trained mentor initiates a workshop in response to a need amongst teachers for additional training and support.

During discussions at regular monthly technical meetings, teachers in Thepadey Cluster in the Puok district of Siem Reap recognised they needed more support with mathematics teaching methodologies. They were not clear about using concrete materials in mathematics lessons, and had encountered difficulties due to problems in classroom management.  

Responding to this challenge, Mr Dul, a Senior Mentor in SeeBeyondBorders’ Quality Teaching program worked with two mentee teachers and a local school principal to organize a training workshop.  A full-day workshop was created by Mr Dul to provide training in mathematics concepts and teaching techniques for early grades teachers.  

Eleven grades 1-3 teachers attended from three local primary schools. They participated enthusiastically in the training, and committed to using the new strategies in the new academic year.

Senior Mentor (Mr Dul) and the two mentee teachers were able to successfully facilitate the training as they’d been involved for a very long time in SeeBeyondBorders workshops. They were able to provide clear instruction and clear demonstration of teaching activities and techniques.

Mr Dul said “I can facilitate the workshop and I understand clear about mathematics teaching methodology because I join with SeeBeyondBorders program”.

Normally, as part of SeeBeyondBorders’ in-service teacher training and mentoring program, such workshops are organized and supported by SeeBeyondBorders staff.  A significant feature of this workshop is that Mr Dul was able to organize and conduct the workshop without assistance, and all participants gave up their own time to attend the training, and without payment.

The objective of SeeBeyondBorders’ Quality Teaching program is to support mentors and teachers in taking responsibility for their own professional development and that of other staff in their school.  This workshop is clear evidence teachers in Thepadey Cluster are happy to share their experiences, and are committed to improving the quality of education in their community.


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