Project Outcomes

SeeBeyondBorders’ objective is to achieve greater school attendance levels in basic education by improving access to quality teaching and learning at school for Cambodian children.  This objective is in support of Millennium Development Goal number 2 - ‘Basic Education for all’ and the Royal Cambodian Government’s ‘Child Friendly Schools’ program.  Our objectives and initiatives are focused on three main areas of development:

Our objectives are to: Achieved through:
Provide professional development to local teachers through workshops and mentoring programs Teach the Teacher program
Develop school infrastructure Better schools program
Support families trying to educate their children Getting to school program

Each of these areas is interlinked and fundamental to supporting quality education.  They are described in more detail below.  Individual projects can be viewed in the Projects in Progress.

Teach the Teacher program

‘Teach the Teacher’ is SeeBeyondBorders’ core program.  It consists of both teacher training workshops, and an in-school support program.  Mathematics is the subject focus, since it provides a comprehensive medium through which to develop good teaching practice applicable across the whole curriculum.

Workshops are designed to transfer skills and provide targeted professional development.  They guide Khmer teachers through the Cambodian mathematics curriculum, identifying pedagogy (the method and practice of teaching) and activities that will lead children to the prescribed learning outcomes. Workshops are accompanied by comprehensive manuals and teacher resource packs.

The in-school support program provides mentoring that is conducted by peer group teachers.  ‘Mentor’ teachers are provided with specialist training before being allocated a group of between two and five teachers with whom they work twice per month.  The mentors’ objective is to support each teacher in their group, to practice, in their own classrooms, the techniques and pedagogy modelled in the workshops.

SeeBeyondBorders’ other two programs underwrite and integrate with the ‘Teach the Teacher’ program.

Better Schools program

This program builds, repairs, maintains and improves school buildings and infrastructure. It prioritizes creating safe environments, health (particularly water, sanitation and nutrition), facilities which aid participation (playgrounds, gardens, sports fields, art areas), and teacher housing.  Projects are selected based on the capacity of invested resources to significantly enhance the education available to the local community.

Getting to School program

This program assists families to educate their children, by ensuring children get to school.  It focuses on social, economic and health issues preventing children from going to school.  Within the context of individual family circumstances, it offers targeted support to help relieve children of work responsibilities so they can attend school and, once there, to help ensure they are sufficiently well-fed and healthy to be attentive.