Team Building

SUPERCHARGE a successful team or SHAKEUP an underperforming team. 

This cutting-edge Team Building Program will transform the people who
drive your business to peak performance.

Bringing together a life changing immersive experience in Cambodia and concentrated team and individual coaching, this program will deliver real results. It builds individual and team capability while making a difference to the lives of children in Cambodia.

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Assisting in the work of SeeBeyondBorders will challenge your teams to go beyond their limits, and give them a sense of purpose and achievement. There is no other program that can match this experience.

Whatever the opportunity for your team, SeeBeyondBorders can design a program that will work, delivered in the maximum impact environment of Cambodia.

Why is this different from just about any other program you might look at? 
The answer is simply that the team will be out of their normal working surrounds and comfort zones, confronting a very different set of circumstances. This creates an unusually high level of receptiveness to new ideas, different ways of achieving outcomes and relating to others, combined in a way that utilises the inherent power of any team!

A perfect environment for reflection, growth and a sustained commitment to improved performance!

Use this program to KickStart the next level of your team’s performance!

Only a limited number of Cambodia visits is available each year

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View this video to hear from a previous corporate visit to Cambodia (Not a formal team development program, but valuable background)