Our Story

SeeBeyondBorders was founded in 2009 by Edward Shuttleworth, Chief Executive Officer, and his wife Kate, a SeeBeyondBorders Australia Director and a primary school teacher.

Ed and Kate first visited Cambodia in 2002 with their children, as volunteers helping to build houses for Cambodian families. Witnessing the extreme poverty and harsh living conditions, Ed recalls, “The degree of poverty and the amount of waste in the area close to the port of Sihanoukville, was unlike anything I had seen before. It was very distressing to see this community – with scores of children – living in others’ waste. It was small consolation that the houses we helped construct were raised above it, as the community needed much more help than that.”

Ed subsequently spent four years on the Board of a Cambodian not-for-profit organisation, trying to find ways to help alleviate the poverty he had encountered. Kate and the rest of the family were inevitably drawn to the same issues and in 2008, Kate participated in the Timor Leste Teacher Placement program for Parramatta and Broken Bay Catholic Education Offices. These experiences helped Ed and Kate formulate the direction for SeeBeyondBorders. Determined to help create a better future for Cambodia, together, Ed and Kate started SeeBeyondBorders in March 2009.

Since 2009, SeeBeyondBorders has grown from a single desk in Ed & Kate’s home in Sydney, to include bases in Sydney, London and Battambang, Cambodia. We continue to work tirelessly towards our mission to provide Cambodian children with access to quality teaching and learning at school.