Our Purpose

At SeeBeyondBorders we believe change begins with education, and we think that quality teaching and learning should be available to everyone. We work in primary schools in Cambodia, a country still recovering from the destruction of its education system under the Khmer Rouge. In partnership with local communities we sustainably improve education standards by training teachers, getting children to school and developing better learning environments. 

Why Cambodia?

An education is a priceless gift. It brings with it the opportunity to create your own future. Yet access to quality teaching and learning is something that comes with a price tag, at a cost that far too many people around the world cannot afford. 

In Cambodia, this problem is particularly pronounced. It is difficult to overestimate the impact of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge on the country’s development. During their rule from 1975 to 1979, nearly 2 million Cambodians died as a result of enforced labour, malnutrition and mass executions. That’s almost a quarter of the entire population. 

The Khmer Rouge particularly targeted the educated in their determination to wind the clocks back to ‘Year Zero’ and restore the country to an idealised pastoral past.  They dismantled the school system, burnt all money and closed the temples. The vast majority of teachers were lost during this time. 

As a result, even today up to half of Cambodia’s children do not complete primary school. Drop out rates are highest in rural areas, where 80% of Cambodians live.  Nationally, only 35% of children attend grade seven. This means that the majority of children in Cambodia are denied the opportunity to fulfill their potential. We think you’ll agree that this is an injustice that cannot be ignored.

Our Goal

The morning school run. Times tables and spelling tests. Sports days. Homework. The mundane, everyday features of our childhoods that many of us took for granted. We are driven by the vision of a country where eventually, every child will have access to these precious experiences.

And by working with communities and local education systems, we know that this change will contribute to a more fair and equal society. 

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: A generation of Cambodian school children empowered by education .

Mission: SeeBeyondBorders provides access to quality teaching and learning at school 

In everything we do, SeeBeyondBorders follows six core values.

Transition: We work with schools and local governments that already exist. Our support is designed to help these existing systems transition to a better standard - so that the assistance of SeeBeyondBorders is no longer needed.

Sustainability: We share the sorts of skills that will enable communities to improve their own lives independently, without continuing dependence on external support.

Integrity: We are always transparent, and we always strive to ensure that it is our shared vision alone that drives our work.

Efficiency: We make the best use of our limited resources to build as much momentum and reach as many people as possible.

Knowledge: We are not just here to teach, but also to learn. We are always working to share and build knowledge, learn from experience, and promote the idea of a two-way knowledge exchange.

Courage: It’s not easy to challenge the status quo. But to build a better future for Cambodian children, our staff, our partners, and the communities we work with act with personal courage every day to stay the course in the face of adversity.


We are registered as a charity in Australia and the United Kingdom and operate as a registered international non-government organisation in Cambodia. We have no religious or political affiliations.