Conditional Cash Payments Program

Right now in 2017, there are families in Cambodia caught in a cycle of poverty and despair so extreme that they need their young children to leave school to perform child labour so they can eat. In the most extreme cases, children are sold to fake orphanages designed for “voluntourism,” or even sent to other countries where they’re told they will find work, but are then sold as slaves.

At SeeBeyondBorders, these heartbreaking situations aren’t stories from a far off land. We work in the communities where these risks are real.

How do we help Cambodia’s most vulnerable?

SeeBeyondBorders’ Conditional Cash Payments program helps prevent families from taking such dire actions. It enables school communities to identify families that require support in getting their children to school instead of work. Why have quality education if the children can’t attend? Based on a commitment to improve attendance, the school provides those families with small cash payments, or bicycles, to allow their children access to an education.

How it works?

  1. A CCP committee is established composed of authoritative representatives from the school and the local community - the Commune Women and Children’s Committee most notably - who  identify vulnerable students in low income families and what is needed to support them to attend school regularly
  2. These students in low income families attend class regularly and are treated respectfully by their peers and teachers
  3. The CCP committee manages and evaluates the effectiveness of the process and how it contributes towards regular school attendance

Selected children are leant a bicycle and provided with cash payments that work out at an average of $60 per child per year – such a small amount in a Western country – but for children from the very lowest income families in Cambodia, it could mean the difference between having their child thrive in school and at home, or continue the cycle of poverty and despair.

Please help us so we don’t have to leave out so many children from this program.

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