Our Governance

The SeeBeyondBorders organisation is made up of of an Australian office, which maintains overall control of the organisation, and a UK entity which focuses entirely on fundraising. SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia implements the programs to achieve the charitable objectives of the organisation.


SeeBeyondBorders Australia and SeeBeyondBorders Foundation
Australia are both ACFID compliant charities registered with the ACNC. SeeBeyondBorders Australia is the trustee of SeeBeyondBorders Foundation Australia. SeeBeyondBorders Australia is governed by a Board of Directors. Management accountability is delegated to the CEO, supported by an Advisory Committee offering professional expertise to support project and organisational needs.

Donations are received into both SeeBeyondBorders Foundation Australia (DGR 2 Status) and SeeBeyondBorders Australia Overseas Aid Relief Fund (DGR 1 Status).


SeeBeyondBorders UK is governed by a Board of Trustees. SeeBeyondBorders UK is a registered charity with the Charity Commission (no. 1146044) and is endorsed for Gift Aid by HMRC. Management accountability is delegated to the CEO.


Program management and project implementation is carried out in Cambodia by SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia as registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. 

SBB Legal Structure


Our Constitution

SeeBeyondBorders' Constitution

Our Strategic Plan

We have developed a Strategic Plan which lays out our direction of travel from 2015 - 2021. You can download the document in full below.

SeeBeyondBorders Strategic Plan 2015-21

Membership and Accreditations

The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) is the peak body for Australian non government organisations (NGOs) involved in international development and humanitarian action. Members of ACFID are bound by a Code of Conduct, a voluntary, self-regulatory industry code of good practice that aims to improve the outcomes of international development and increase stakeholder trust by enhancing the transparency and accountability of signatory organisations. ACFID provides an independent mechanism to address complaints made against member organisations believed to have breached the Code.

If a complaint is made to SeeBeyondBorders and the complainant considers it has not been adequately resolved, he/she may address the issue to the ACFID code of conduct committee according to the documented procedure

SeeBeyondBorders is a member of ACFID, is a signatory to its Code of Conduct and is committed to adhering to the Code.